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Wall Mirrors Flexible Real Glass Flat Frameless

Wall Mirrors Flexible Real Glass Flat Frameless

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Perfect for: Bathroom Mirror, Wall Mirror, Entry Way, Living Room & Bedroom

Comes with safe polished edges for protection, and a finished appearance

Our quality mirrors provide a super clear reflection. Great for reapplying make-up or seeing fine details if needed

Frameless mirrors provide a versatile number of uses. Can be used together to form a larger mirror, or used to make a design

3 Size in Available: 4-piece 11.5" x 11.5" ; 4-piece 14" x 14"; 3-piece 16" x 16"


3 Size in Available:

4-piece 11.5" x 11.5" FRAME-LESS mirrors

4-piece 14" x 14" FRAME-LESS mirrors

3-piece 16" x 16" FRAME-LESS mirrors


Perfect for bathroom, living room, bedroom, entry way, corridor...


Come with double-side tape to install easily.Add as many squares as you want to create the shape and size of mirror you want

Reflect the best ‘you’ with Parkwood’s mirror sets. A great alternative to the standard mirror in your entry way, these sets can be arranged in multiple ways to give a fresh take on checking your appearance and looking your best.

Frameless square mirror set adds dimension and sophistication to any room. Comes with a thin beveled edge and double-sided tape for wall placement.



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