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Steel Boned Waist Trainer Women Belly Shaping Trimmer Belt

Steel Boned Waist Trainer Women Belly Shaping Trimmer Belt

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Color: Black/Grey Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL Material: Polyester15%,Neoprene70%,Nylon15% Thickness 2.0mm body shaping waist trainer Bones:3 Bones Closure: Hooks,Velcro 【Double belt waist trainer】

Help reduce waist measurements from 1 to 3 inches within 30 days. It's a superior body shaper that accelerates weight loss through high compression, perspiration. Helps you get the figure you always wanted by instantly lifting, shaping and slimming the body and flattening your stomach and waist. It's recommended for users that have upper and lower belly problems as well as lower back fat.

【Neoprene sweat waist trainer】

Reduced Waist Size: Waist cinchers contain an internal lining made from steel bones which support the structures. This creates an attractive hourglass figure by compressing your body while the garment is hooked. With consistent wear

【Workout belt】

Enhanced workouts: Waist training can help enhance your workout. Strength Training such as dead lifts or when lifting weights while wearing your waist trainer you will sweat more and thus burn fat faster. It also assists in keeping your back straight and ensuring you hold your core tight.

【Improved Posture】

Due to the sturdy build of the waist training garment it naturally causes the person wearing it to maintain correct posture. By keeping your back straight, when standing and sitting, your posture remains uncompromised.

【Helps Injuries】

Did you know that wearing waist trainers can strengthen your back and help you with injuries you have experienced in the past? Yes, wearing waist trainers is beneficial in this aspect. Such as lumbar disc herniation, fibromyalgia, arthritis and separation of the abdominis muscles after parturition. Size Chart Waist Size S 28"~30 1/2"(inch) 71~77(cm) M 30 1/2"-32 1/2"(inch) 77~82(cm) L 32 1/2 "~34 1/2"(inch) 82~87(cm) XL 34 1/2"~36 1/2"(inch) 87~92(cm) 2XL 36 1/2"~39"(inch) 92~99(cm) 3XL 39"~41 1/2"(inch) 99~105(cm) Buyer Show Model Show Style 1 :Black Double Velcro With Zipper (3 Steel Bones) Style 2 :Grey Double Velcro With Zipper (3 Steel Bones) Style 3:Black Double Velcro With Hooks (3 Steel Bones) Style 4 :Grey Double Velcro With Hooks (3 Steel Bones) Details 01.Excellent Double Velcro Double Velcro effectively provides firm pressure on your waist and abdomen, helps with weight loss and waist sculpturing and shaping. 02.Tight and excellent sewing Using high-level tailoring technology, the steel bone is completely cut and tightly sewn inside. The sewing thread is tight the stitches are neat and delicate, the overall effect is beautiful, and the hand feeling is excellent 03.Two closing methods (Hooks Or Zipper Closure)High-quality metal zippers and hooks are more durable, less prone to cracking or damage 04.3 Pieces of steel bones3 pieces of 25cm steel bones are covered in front and back for added support perfect fit to the waist avoid curling, slipping


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