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Smart WiFi Door Sensor

Smart WiFi Door Sensor

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This device is designed for tuyasmart / smart life app. You can set it to control other tuya smart device. You can check the detector status in alexa / ifttt app, but it can not control other alexa / ifttt device. Compatible with Alexa & Google Home:Simply use your voice to control the connected devices by Alexa or Google Home. It can also perform auto control together with other smart devices which are compatible with Smart Life or IFTTT. Convenient for you to detect your doors, windows, cabinets, drawers or anywhere you want to notified when it is opened or closed.


Battery: AAA1.5V x 2 (Batteries not included)

Standby current: le5uA

Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Operating Temperature: -10 Celsius-40 Celsius (14degF-104degF)

Operating Humidity: 20%-85%

Storage Temperature: -10 Celsius -60 Celsius (14degF-140degF)

Storage Humidity: 0%-90%

Standby time : 6 - 12 months

Range: 45m

Wireless Type : 2.4GHz

Size:Main body : 93mm x40mm x20 mm

Small body : 93mm x 13mm x 20 mm

Product Include:

1 * tuya wifi door/window sensor


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