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Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Adjuster

Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Adjuster

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Name: Pregnant women car seat belt Seat belt length: about 1.55 meters/61.02inch Applicable models: universal for all models Applicable people: pregnant women, puerperal, abdominal surgery, stomach surgery, big belly, beer belly, etc.

Features: 1. Dispersing impact: The raised belt adjuster allows the belt to straddle the thigh instead of the abdomen, so that the impact force spreads in four directions, such as the shoulder, the sides of the waist, and the ankle, without pressing to the abdomen. 2. Easy to install: The fixed belt can be installed once around the seat! Simple and intuitive installation method, so everyone can easily install and remove! 3. Exquisite design: Only consider the function of the product itself; the size is small and exquisite; the space can be naturally integrated with the interior space! 4. Closely fit with the seat. When installing, riding, and getting off, there will be no foreign body sensation; the curve extending forward will not scratch the clothes; it can also be used normally when wearing a skirt! List: 1* pregnant women car seat belt


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