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Dog Self Push Dispensing Feeder

Dog Self Push Dispensing Feeder

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1. This is not only a tableware product that can slow down the speed of food leakage, but also an educational toy that can improve the dog's intelligence.

2. By pressing the dog, the dog food will fall out from the four outlets. This function can slow down the feeding speed and keep the dog's stomach healthy.

3. The original design of the grain outlet structure can completely prevent food or snacks from being jammed when they fall.

4. Guide the dog to use the paw to click the button on the top of the product to get food or snacks, which is a reward for the dog's behavior. In this way, this kind of protection can attract the dog's interest when the owner's company is needed every day, improve the dog's intelligence, and reduce the dog's anxiety.

5. The design of the translucent visual granary allows the owner to know the storage situation of the grain in the granary at any time.

6. There are 4 non-slip rubber pads on the bottom. Each product is equipped with four suction cups, which can be installed or removed. The suction cup can be correspondingly fixed in the bottom card slot, and then adsorbed to the ground, so it will not be knocked down by the dog in daily use.

Note : 1. Due to different lighting and photography techniques, the color of the picture may be slightly different from the actual product

2. Due to different manual measurement methods, please allow a slight size difference.


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