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Kids Q50 Smart Watch

Kids Q50 Smart Watch

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Anti-loss smart watch Q50 high version with GPS and OLED VS low version with LBS and LCD screen

* Wifi location of the GPS Base station (support Wi-Fi location equipment) --- only the high version has those functions

* Mobile phone client or GPRS computer service platform, dual control --- only the high version has those functions

* Real-time location, tracking and tracking GPRS --- only the high version has those functions

* Intercom

* Health

* Footprints

* Clock alarm

* Security zone

* SOS emergency

alarm * Alarm "watch removed" - only the GPS version has this function.

* Low power alarm

* Remote shutdown



GSM screen : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

GSM GPS: MTK6261 UBX7020

GPRS: class 12, TCP IP integrated in GSm module Battery

capacity 3.7 V 400 mAh

Support Language: English or Russian language of your choice

Network: 2G network only!

For tips:

1. About the clock registration, how to download the application?

Scan the QR code on the last page of the manual, two options (depending on your option)

2. The difference of the language of the watch and the application, How to set the language?

A, application, choose in the login interface

B, look, when you register and log in correctly, set the language of the application

3. When the watch cannot identify the SIM card and there is no sound in the

R call , Please take some operation videos to insert the SIM card.

B, in the call, there is a lower or higher sound indicator on the

C screen , there is no sound, make sure the watch does not listen or the phone does not listen

4. How to check the clock parameter

R. There is a signal after inserting the SIM card, use your phone to send a message to the phone clock number, text: pw, 123456, ts #

B, if there is no response, check that your SIM card have message function and reset the clock to send messages again.

5. How to store contacts?

Turn on the contacts of your application, configure to store contacts and the watch will display the contacts.

6. What about the location? How many locations do you have? How to solve the problem of inaccurate positioning

R, there are two locations: 1 LBS, 2 GPS

B. The position depends on the signal and the range of the base station.

7. What type of SIM card is suitable for the watch?

A Micro SIM card

B. The SIM card is 2G and the 4G, 3G is compatible, but must have a 2G network.

8. There is a SIM card, but the watch has no network and cannot connect to the

R phone . Please tell us the SIM card provider

B. What about the SIM card flow?

C. write the pw, 123456, ts # to check the clock parameter

10. The clock cannot be turned on, and once the power is over, how long is the clock maintained?

A. In case there is no power, the watch will not affect when you charge it. After charging it for 10 minutes, you can see that the watch is charging or not.

B. The watch has full power, the waiting time is 2 to 3 days.

11 What is the difference between the high version and the low version?

The biggest difference is the screen: The high version is OLED screen and the low version is LCD screen. The high version has GPS location, the low version has no GPS location.


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